Talking the Sick Blues

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There's a benefit to being chronically ill
And it's better than taking a happy pill
You see, the things that happened yesterday
I will totally forget come today
And all that isn't remembered is well

Well you might as well call me Forrest Gump
My memory is like a garbage dump
Because a bad event in the past
Whatever it is it doesn't last
And life is like a box of chocolates

They say I'm easy to get along with
It's because my brain don't have much bandwidth
Anything you did to me the other day
I sure as hell can't remember today
I take my friendships one day at a time

See, I've got this bacteria in my brain
That makes me feel like I've been hit by a train
And when your body hurts as much as this
Not thinking too much is such sweet bliss
And you can just be thankful for the air

While everyone lives life like it's a race
I only focus on what's in my face
If you do the same you'll be more content
You'll have less things that you want to lament
And I won't have to talk these blues anymore (no, siree)

People have so much to worry about
But future worries I can do without
I have enough trouble hanging on now
So I trust that I'll just make it somehow
And that's how I can live in the moment

Now I got nothing against making plans
But the results are now outta your hands
So even as you are on this little quest
If you can let go then you are truly blessed
And you can just enjoy the experience

So if the road is tough and it feels eternal
Just be more like me and make your intellect dull
Cuz fools survive while kings kill each other
And once they're gone we can all love one another
Just one big dumb and happy family

Now, then...
Where was I?
Oh yes...


from Pop Mythology & Friends, released August 23, 2016
Music & performance: Jim Lundy (
Lyrics: Pop Mythologist (
Mastering: Rob Cooke (



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